Red Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Review

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The buzz over raspberry ketones is all over the internet. You've seen it endorsed in Oprah's and Dr. Oz's television shows as a fat loss fruit. But before you go all out scooping up every raspberry you can find in the market, it's better to first understand the science behind raspberry ketones and weight loss.

Every one has the fat-burning hormone adiponectin in the body. When we're eating the right amount of healthy foods and this hormone is working as it is expected, the calories are properly metabolized and don't get stored as reserved fats around the belly, hips, and thighs. When excess amounts of food are consumed and exercise is lacking, our adiponectin becomes sluggish due to the sheer amount of calories to burn. When that happens, that's when the unwanted belly fat, love handles, and cellulites, start to manifest.

In a research done on mice to correlate ketones and weight loss, it was found out that high doses of ketones on high fat diets prevented weight gain beneath the skin and around the organs. It also deterred the development of fatty liver. The researchers concluded that the ketones apparently stimulated the release of adiponectin resulting in increased insulin levels and boosting and heating up metabolism that burned the stored white fat cells.

It should be noted that in the same study, a high dosage of 200 times the amount of human intake did not result in any change in mouse body weight. This means that there is a certain level of intake of this raspberry fat loss fruit to generate the desired effect, beyond which no additional gains can be expected.

Another thing you should know is that the raspberry weight loss and fat cell shrinking benefits, first and foremost, can only be achieve by eating about 90 pounds of this fat-burning fruit. But don't despair. Raspberry ketones supplements are available in concentrations approximating that 90 pounds. Also, raspberries have several colors. And it seems that the weight loss benefits are delivered best by the red raspberry ketones variety.

It is also not a standalone weight loss solution. Remember what I told you in paragraph 3? Adiponectin works best when you eat healthy food in the right amount and you must have exercise. Therefore, raspberry ketones should be incorporated in a weight loss program that includes proper diet and nutrition, and regular exercise.

When you purchase raspberry ketones supplements, look for the pure formulation, if possible, one that does not contain added ingredients like caffeine. Make sure that raspberry ketone is listed at the top of the list, if there are other ingredients. There are cheap raspberry ketones supplements in the market, but the pure ones would cost over $30 a bottle.

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